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NOW HIRING: Remote Independent Freight Agents/Dispatchers

5 Reasons


You Should Become A Remote Freight Agent With KBY Truck Dispatching Services LLC!

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Does this sound like you?

Problem #1

You're interested in becoming an Independent Freight Agent/Dispatcher but you don't know where to begin.

Problem #2

You took a "Dispatch Training" course but you were basically ONLY taught the lingo of the business.

Problem #3

You lack confidence on how and where you find Motor Carriers and Owner Operators and would kindly like for someone to show you the ropes.

Solution #1

You want to learn the Transportation/Logistics Industry from the ground up but, again, you don't know how to start. Discover how to get started with KBY Truck Dispatching Services LLC!

Solution #2

You're ready to leap and just need a soft landing!

"I always thought having a coach was just a waste of money, but after a friend recommended it for my business, I gave it a shot! WOW even just the discovery call gave me actionable advice that helped me see immediate results!"

• Jane Smith | Brooklyn

How We Can Help Motor Carriers Grow Their Fleet

You'll discover the answer to this if you're chosen working with us!

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If you're tired of dealing with these problems...

Dispatching Moves Trucking Through The Economy!